Temple Baptist Church of Moss Point, Ms
Monday, December 18, 2017
...A Passion for Christ, A Purpose for People, And A Priority of Love and Unity


Kidz Worship Leaders
December 17th: Amanda Jones
December 24th: No Kidz Worship
December 31st: No Kidz Worship 
January 7th: Amber Lange
Deacon On Call
December 17th: Bill Hudson
December 24th: Gene Hyman
December 31st: Ken Turner
January 7th: Hardy Waltman
December Counting Team
Sherri Hinton
Teresa Hudson
Dylan Mears
Nursery Leaders
Sunday, December 17th:
Babies: Chasity Mason and Leann
2-4 Yr Olds: Josh and Amanda           Williams
Sunday, December 24th:
Babies: Linda Boutwell and Lesa           DeCuir
2-4 Yr Olds: Sarah Nicolas and Ashley           McKelvain
Sunday, December 31st:
Babies: Bill and Teresa Hudson
2-4 Yr Olds: Scott and Faith Davis
Sunday, January 7th:
Babies: Dylan and Jade Mears
2-4 Yr Olds: Brian and April Church
Sunday, January 14th:
Babies: Salena Williams and Freda           Schenkewitz
2-4 Yr Olds: Jerry and Sherri Hinton
Sunday, January 21st:
Babies: Amanda Jones and Cedar           White
2-4 Yr Olds: Ken and Sheila Turner