Temple Baptist Church of Moss Point, Ms
Thursday, August 22, 2019
...A Passion for Christ, A Purpose for People, And A Priority of Love and Unity

What Comes Next

Now that you're a Christian, you need to grow spiritually to deepen your relationship with God and your faith in Jesus. Here's how:
1. Pray. Prayer is simply communicating with God - pray from the heart, talk to God as you go through your day, talk to God about what you read in the Bible. Prayer includes listening. We hear from God in several ways - through the bible, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer, through other people, and through life circumstances.  
2. Study the Bible. Find a translation that's easy to understand while keeping true to the original text. Some bible apps, such as "YouVersion" have many translations to try. Start out reading in the New Testament learning about Jesus' life and teachings.
3. Be Baptized. Baptism symbolizes your new life in Christ. Jesus was baptized and calls us, His followers, to be baptized also. 
4. Join a Christ-following Church. Christians need to be with like-minded people for encouragement, discipleship, and accountability. Church members worship, pray, serve, and do life together. 
5. Tell Others About Your Faith. Jesus calls us to make disciples. Tell anyone who will listen about what Jesus is doing in your life and what He can do in their life as well.